Under Construction

construction tape

Thanks for stopping by. Since I am tech challenged this blog site is a start of something new for me. It is under construction.

Have you ever wished to have a roll of yellow Under Construction tape that you could apply to your life? Yeah, me too. So many areas in life are a work in progress. We are a work in progress. How frustrating it is to have no outward warning label for people to see.  Something that says “Don’t judge me yet, give me time.” If I did have something big, bold, and bright yellow, it might give me a respite from the critical eye of passerby’s. But it also becomes a glaring reminder that I made a declaration of a future completion to whatever I boasted about.  Yep. I said boasted. For something that is labeled “under construction” becomes a promise that what people see now will change and become better.

For me, it’s not just this blog that is under construction, but it’s my book Calling all Zombies, that is taking years to write. As a single mother of two teen boys, running an in home daycare, I can find all the excuses I need to postpone the nightmare of editing my manuscript.

Sometimes I forget that for a thing in life to be under construction, I must work towards a goal. If I stop working towards that goal, then my yellow tape becomes a dusty reminder that I gave up. Or worse, it morphs into the caution tape of a crime scene as I kill my dream, my promise and allow apathy to destroy what God wants to breathe life into. I carry half dead dreams inside like zombies clamoring, clawing in the back of my mind.  Do you too? If you pause right now and search the back of your mind, step over your yellow line, do you find zombies inside? Half alive dreams waiting for you finally be able to remove the yellow tape?


Perhaps together we can remind ourselves why we started that dream and let God give the zombie life.

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