What is a zombie?

Society is obsessed with zombies. There are over a million results when searching zombie apocalypse (ZA) survival. Hollywood has made billions selling us rotting flesh. Over the years my boys and I have had countless conversations on what we would tell Rick on The Walking Dead if given the chance.

But now that I really think about it, I would be eaten long before the plan of survival took place. I would not be one of those who will rise above the carnage to inherit the ruins of our world. I have come to terms with my inevitable demise. It is sad to say that from what I have learned watching TV, (it must be true right?) that zombies run faster than I do.  Not to mention they apparently can bite through anything known to man.

It does not matter that their bodies are falling apart, those teeth can cut through denim, duct tape, Carharrts, and good strong muscle to take down the modern doomsday warrior.

I saw a post the other day that someone was actually hoping for a ZA. He said that he had spent thousands of dollars getting his bunker and ammo stocked with zombie killing tools. Does he think it’s going to be fun? He had read up on the latest speculation of what a ZA would or could possibly look like. He couldn’t wait to kick some zombie butts.  Really? People actually stock up supplies based on speculation?

Okay, so what is a zombie? the overall consensus is that a zombie is a human that is now in a state of living death. Part dead and part alive. Hmm, which part is dead and which is alive? What do you think? Do all zombies have rotting flesh? Do they actually die first and then somehow the corpse is animated?

A zombie is unique. It is not the carrier of the next plague that will be wandering the streets hungry for human flesh. I would prefer to run into patient zero than a zombie. At least with a plague, the bodies stay where you put them. The whole where-did-the-dead-guy-go scenario is creepy. Makes me feel like someone is behind me wanting to bite my neck.  Ha ha, I just got the shivers thinking about this.  Too funny.

While working on my book I came across the word Akuji and use it when referring to the zombie. It is an ancient African term that means dead and awake.  What better way to describe the zombie? Cool eh?

If we have established what a zombie is, my next question is How does someone become a zombie?


I would love to hear what you think a zombie is and how did it become one.

Thanks for stopping by.


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