From birth to death

Daily Prompt: Blanket

The word at the Y in the road. How can a single word evoke opposite meaning solely based on one’s perspective? The headlines hit the cold sidewalk newsstands that a blanket of snow had gripped the city… thousands without power!

Ignorance is bliss, for miles away in a mountain snow lodge, I sip steaming hot coffee by a warm fire. I look out my window marveling at the freshly fallen blanket of snow that transformed the peaks into a wonderland.

I pick up a book and snuggle under a thick warm blanket.

… She no longer said he had woven a web of lies. He never tripped over his stories, after all, spiders never get trapped in their own webs. Besides, webs have holes where some truth could shine through, some evidence.  No, he covered himself in a blanket of lies. She no longer knew what was true or false, she only knew that he was hiding something, or hiding behind something… 

My phone interrupted my reading. My friend calling to once again bemoan her boss. “He is so negative,  everything I suggest he shoots down … He’s a wet blanket smothering any new idea. ”

What a marvelous word.  Blanket evokes many memories and emotions. From birth to death and every day in between, we are touched by blanket. Whether it is to wrap a newborn or shroud the departed, Blanket envelops. It covers. It comforts.

The grace of God is like that. It envelops the whole of my life. It covers my imperfections, my sins, the ugly mud that gets everywhere and on everyone I trample in selfishness. It provides for my salvation, my security. It comforts me when I am buried under the blanket of self-condemnation. Of Doubt. The blanket of God’s grace is truly amazing.

I never did finish reading. It was time to leave my mountain retreat and drive back to the city, where the blanket of snow quickly lost its beauty and became a threat.

I came home to find my flowerbeds slumbering safely under a sheet of ice, and a winter blanket of snow, dreaming of the warm blanket of sunshine and spring.

Wonderful word, Blanket.

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