First Resurrection



You came into my heart, Lord Jesus,

A graveyard, where I lay, dead in my sin.

And said “I am the Resurrection”, and

A wind blew through and through me at your words

As all my days rose up exposed before you.

The sum of me… for you to see.

A procession, a succession of heartbeats

Long dead, long silent …a multitude of one.

You called my name and each heartbeat stands alone,

Evidence of a splintered soul.

As I stand before you, in a place of darkness,

Your Spirit moves over me.

You said “I am the way, the truth, and the life”

A maze of crooked pathways opened before you

Exposing roots and offshoots branching,

Turning back… in endless loops of self.

Self will, self-love, and self-worship…original sin.

Twisted lies, like links in a chain, moving, deceiving,

Binding my soul to hell.

You call me by name and heal my wrong ways

Breaking the chain.

Your light, your truth …You alone Jesus, illuminate.

You lift my eyes to your face

Where I see Love, Mercy, Grace, reflected back to me,

Who was dead in sin.

Looking on the whole of me… made whole,

You Said “Live” and I was born again.



via Daily Prompt: Exposed


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