The Good Luck God

I once had a rabbit’s foot. As a young girl, I hung it on my purse as a talisman for good luck. Well, when I think about it, I guess it was not so lucky for the rabbit and he had 4 of them!  I long ago lost that old rabbit’s foot and outgrew the childish idea that a thing could bring me luck or protect me from evil.

Why do we say “good luck”? I try not to say it because it seems so meaningless.

I don’t do luck. I do faith.  because I don’t have a good luck god.

I don’t have a god who is limited to happenstance.

My God is not superstitious. He doesn’t do luck either.  Yet how many people wear a cross as if it is a talisman to protect them from evil. Hollywood often shows movies where a priest is holding a cross in shaking hands to ward off demons. A cross is not a talisman of power. A cross has no holy power to keep one out of hell. A cross does not give someone luck or life.

A cross is not The Cross.

The Cross is all about Jesus, the one who shed His blood on it.  The Cross is about a God who doesn’t do luck but loves with intention. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that he gave His Son so that anyone who believed in him would not be lost but be given eternal life.

God gave us Jesus, whose name means salvation.  The name of Jesus has the power to cast out demons. The blood of Jesus has the power to clean us from sin, whose life gives us eternal life. Jesus is not a talisman to make us lucky enough to get to heaven, or lucky to escape hell.

God doesn’t do luck.

This next week leads us to Calvary. It leads us to a Friday clothed in darkness where the light of the world died. Where the source of life gave his life so we who believe can live.

It’s interesting that this year, Easter is on April fools day.

The fool has said in his heart “there is no God.”

I don’t have a good luck god, But I do have a Good God Who Loves.



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